Indonesia is Expected to Kick Off Betel Nuts Export in Upcoming Years

Global betel nuts in bulk consumption is forecast to meet considerable growth after being a hot commodity in the global market. 

In April 2023, Market Watch, a financial news provider, anticipated the areca nuts or betel nuts market to grow until 2030. In addition to the good news, Future Market Insight, a market research firm, further mentions a 5.6% increase in the betel nut CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) prediction throughout 2022 to 2023. 

In order to compete with the rest of the competitors in the global market, the Indonesian government has devised development strategies. In recent years, the production of areca nuts in bulk has been aggressively pushed by the Indonesian government. By improving production, it is expected that Indonesia will score substantial total export volumes in the upcoming years. 

Past Overview of Areca Nuts Production in Indonesia

Before experiencing growth, Indonesia is reported to experience a flat trend pattern in its areca nuts in bulk production for years. Based on the data from Tridge, an online trade platform, Indonesian areca nuts in bulk production remain stable from 2014 to 2020. The total production of areca nuts in bulk during this period was never below 130.38K M/T. The substantial decline only occurred from 2012 to 2013, where the total crop significantly dropped from 180K M/T to 122.29K M/T. 

Although Indonesian betel nuts in bulk production is considered stable, it is still quite lagging behind other top producer countries. In 2020, Indonesia generated 132.60K M/T of areca nuts. To perform as a top producer and betel nut exporter, Indonesia needs to beat these betel nut supplier countries in terms of total production:

  1. India: 904.73K M/T.
  2. Bangladesh: 328.61K M/T.
  3. Myanmar: 203.22K M/T.

Based on this solid reason, the Indonesian government boosted the plantation area to produce wholesale betel nuts in order to compete with other betel nut supplier countries.

Why is Indonesian Betel Nuts Export Expected to Grow?

The total production areas and the government support play a substantial role to push the growth of betel nut production in Indonesia. 

Today, Indonesia has 152,000 hectares of betel nut plantations spread across the country. This fact was conveyed by the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo, in his speech with the Directorate General of Estate Crops. To intensify the prospect, the Indonesian government strives to boost areca nut plantations in the top-growing region, Jambi, Sumatra Island of Indonesia. From 22,000 hectares of betel nut plantations, Jambi holds the biggest share in the total national exports as much as 34.53% in 2022 (Hartoto, 2022).

The Indonesian government not only pushes betel nuts in bulk production but also in quality improvement. For this solid reason, the farmers in Jambi continuously grow a superior betel nut variety, Betara. Based on Setyawan et al. (2021), the Betara variety has high adaptation capability and is capable of generating a higher yield compared to other varieties. Furthermore, according to Pertanianku, an Indonesian local news provider, the Betara variety also has a long productive year of up to 25 years. 

Other than that, Pertanianku also highlighted the aggressive movement of the Indonesian government in land provision assistance, betel nut seeds procurement, post-production facilities procurement, and equipment procurement. By applying these strategies, Indonesia is expected to provide world’s class wholesale areca nuts for global consumption.

How to Purchase Betel Nuts in Bulk at the Lowest Price?

You can expect to get the lowest price when purchasing areca nuts in bulk through a number of ways. First, it is wise to purchase wholesale betel nuts in the harvesting season around June to December. Just like the law of supply and demand, it is easier for you to get a more affordable price when the supply is abundant. 

Second, purchase from the country of origin or top growing countries. Most of the time, they are capable of providing a persistent supply. If you are restricted to travel to these regions, it is worth considering to import from a direct-trade supplier.

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