Damar Batu


Damar Batu is a yellowish brown colored, stone-shaped hard resin, obtained from a particular variety of the Dipterocarp species. Unlike gum damar which is taken directly from the tree roots. It is found mainly in South Sumatra and Kalimantan. The quality of Damar Batu is determined mainly by the size of the resin lump, their color and the amount of damar dust accompanying each lot.

Product Specification

Why Choose Our Product?

We always ensure our customers are benefited from our expertise. As a direct-trade damar batu supplier, we source our product directly from Indonesia. By sourcing from the largest producer of damar batu, we are confident in our capability to fulfill the global demand from our valued customers. 

The size of each damar batu piece is closely tied to its quality. We only provide high-quality damar batu with large-sized pieces, about 10 to 15 centimeters. To protect our commodity from undesirable damages during shipping, we utilize safety packaging. Most of the time, we utilize double PP bags or carton boxes when distributing our damar batu to our customers.