Coal is a combustible substance composed of carbonized plant matter. The coal carbonization process mainly takes place in prehistoric forests and swamps where the dead plant debris is trapped in the swampy wetland. For over millions of years, the plants compacted by heat and pressure inside the deep soil. It generates black or brownish-black sedimentary deposits that are sought-after in the global market for being electricity generators.

Coal Grade Parameters

The quality of coal mostly depends on the classifications below:
  1. Moisture & carbon content: The higher the moisture content, the better its grades. Low-grade coal has less density and higher water content compared to high-grade coal. High-carbon coal is ranked the highest and vice versa. 
  2. Composition: The carbon content determines its grade. High-grade coal has a high fixed carbon content and low volatile substances. 
  3. Energy content: The carbon composition substantially contributes to the energy release when it is burned. The value is specified in MJ/Kg, Kcal/Kg, or BTU/lb. 
  4. Ash content: The leftover substance after the coal is burned. Low-grade coal has a higher ash content compared to high-grade coal.

Product Specification

Main Application

Today, the main application for lignite substantially goes to electricity generators. Lignite plays a role as the fuel to generate electricity. Due to its high capability in absorbing liquid substances, lignite is widely utilized as an absorbent material. Most industries utilized lignite for wastewater treatment. Because it helps to purify the contaminated water.

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