PT Jaffarindo Palm Mas

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PT Jaffarindo Palm Mas is the first business entity to exist in the Jaffarindo Enterprise Group. This company was established in 1998 by Mohammad Jaffar. Jaffarindo Palm Mas has been well-known as one of the biggest agricultural exporters in Indonesia. At first, the main objective was to operate as a bulkÔÇôsales company that supports domestic farmers and cultivates domestic natural resources. The company has been engaged in the export of agricultural and turpentine products for over 20 years prior to its establishment. Jaffarindo Palm Mas collects, processes, develops, and owns abundant resources. The supplier network has spread all over Indonesia, including its remote, rural areas.

25 Years Of Successful Business Experience

Top Speed of Distribution

We are dedicated to minimizing logistic time. Through our advanced facilities and transportation, we provide fast-paced distribution operations that enable us to distribute our commodities faster.

Trusted & Solid Partnership

We served as a reliable partner wherever we operate. For this reason, we establish a long-term partnership based on transparency and mutual respect for our trading partners.

Resilient Supply Chain

For over 20 years of experience, we have solid experience in dealing with rapid changes in global supply and demand. Based on this reason, we are capable of providing a resilient supply chain that is resistant to operational disruption. From availability to the quality of the commodities.

Shipping Process

  • 1
    Raw materials are directly sourced from the source
  • 2
    All products are inspected by a highly-trained inspection team when arrived at the facility
  • 3
    Qualify material will be processed directly
  • 4
    All products are packed per buyer request & loaded into containers
  • 5
    Distributed to the port & shipped to the buyer

Our Payment Terms & Shipment

Payment terms and shipment may affect the basics of the material. Please contact us for further information.