Nickel is a conductor of heat and electricity. This silvery metal is mainly utilized in the alloy industry as a coating layer. Most mined nickel is divided into 2 types, magmatic nickel and laterite-hosted nickel. The first one is composed of crystallized magma. The substantial sources of this type are Western Australia, South Africa, Canada, and Russia. 

Laterite-hosted nickel is formed by the weathering ultramafic rocks. The formation process is closely tied to the climate. For this reason, the major sources of this type are mostly countries that have tropical climates. Such as Indonesia, Brazil, Cuba, Philippines, and New Caledonia.

Nickel Grade Parameters

  1. Nickel content: The higher the nickel content, the better its grade. Most of the time, low-grade nickel has 0.6% to 1.2%, while high-grade nickel has 1.8% nickel content.
  2. Corrosion resistant: The corrosion resistance in nickel is closely tied to the nickel content. High-grade nickel has a higher nickel content, while low-grade nickel is the opposite.
  3. The type of the rocks: Nickel grade is also determined by the type of rock deposits. It is the concentration of a blend between nickel and other substances.

Main Application

Nickel is primarily utilized to produce stainless steel. About 69% of nickel is utilized as a coating layer that helps to reduce corrosion and abrasion. Other than the stainless steel industry, nickel is substantially utilized in the battery industry. As much as 11% nickel is utilized in the battery-making process.

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