Wood Pellets


Wood Pellets are environmentally Friendly, renewable, carbon neutral, alternate sources of energy. Biomass Wood Pellets increases the calorific value (combustion efficiency) of the product as compared to loose biomass and can replace almost all conventional fuels like coal, firewood, wood chips, kerosene, diesel, LPG and oil in almost all general applications like heating, domestic/commercial cooking, barbeque, grilling and steam generation etc.

Product Specification

Bring a Sustainable Value into Your Business with Us!

Purchase wood pellets with us and brand your business as a sustainable one with confidence! Our biomass wood pellets product is a great option as a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels. In our business, we strictly deny the idea of delivering our products without strict inspection. Before we deliver our wholesale wood pellets to you, our specialized team carefully examines the quality of our wood pellets with proximate analysis standards. As a result, our wood pellets passed the requirements to be called high-quality wood pellets. Because it reveals an ideal rate of ash content, calorific content, diameter, sulfur content, and moisture content.