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PT Jaffarindo Palm Mas is the first business entity to exist in the Jaffarindo Enterprise Group. This company was established in 1998 by Mohammad Jaffar. Jaffarindo Palm Mas has been well-known as one of the biggest agricultural exporters in Indonesia. At first, the main objective was to operate as a bulkÔÇôsales company that supports domestic farmers and cultivates domestic natural resources. The company has been engaged in the export of agricultural and turpentine products for over 20 years prior to its establishment. Jaffarindo Palm Mas collects, processes, develops, and owns abundant resources. The supplier network has spread all over Indonesia, including its remote, rural areas.

PT Jaffarindo Palm Mas collects agricultural products from various regions in Indonesia. In order to minimize logistics time, the company is dedicated to satisfying clients through fast-paced distribution operations. Those are carried out efficiently through the port of Medan City, North Sumatra, located in West Indonesia, and the central part of Indonesia located in Surabaya City, East Java. Hence, the company has created a solution allowing faster distribution of the materials from the source location. PT Jaffarindo Palm Mas further generates sustainable value across the global supply chain for its customers.

"Wherever we operate, we establish long-term partnerships based on transparency and mutual respect. We aim to share expertise, provide training, and build local capabilities. So that our trading partners deliver benefits to the people, communities, and businesses we are partnered with."


25 Years Of Successful Business Experience

PT. Jaffarindo Palm Mas is a centralized authority company. All important decisions are made by the higher-level manager. Based on this solid reason, all operation processes are fully monitored by our trained manager to minimize defects. There is no such policy in the company that allows our employees to ship commodities without inspection and authorization by the production manager. The company has a very strict procedure that ensures our production director and manager have to check every single step taken by the production team.

PT. Jaffarindo Palm Mas has over 20 years of experience in the international trade and commerce business, we are trained to anticipate any possible or expected problems. Problems such as delays in shipment, defects in products, excessive moisture in products, or damaged packaging rarely occur in the company. Moreover, our production and inspection teams are highly trained before being hired by the company. Each individual mandatorily passes the company’s assessment to prove they understand how to run the machine or sectioning items effectively. Our HR team is well-trained and continuously strives to boost the performance of our entire team.