About Us


PT Jaffarindo Internasional Indonesia

PT Jaffarindo Internasional Indonesia is the second business entity in Jaffarindo Enterprise Group. Established in January 2018, the main objective of the company is to produce world class brands and commercial packaged products sourced only from the items sold by Jaffarindo Palm Mas. We believe that sourcing from the parent company has helped boost the company’s abilities to compete internationally overprice and quality.
Today, food, beverage, and spices remain our core strategy in saticfying our valued customers. Most importantly, we aim to provide the tastiest, healthiest choices and deliver those in a convenient and time saving manner by rapidly sending / shipping our product into a global E-commerce corporation and ultimately you local.

Research and Development

It is the task of our research and development team to employ nutritional science and expertise while creating products that combine great taste with organic ingredients and nutritional benefits. We believe that our research team makes products better, leading and inspiring more people to live a healthier life. We continuously endeavor to innovate products and renovate the existing ones in order to exceed our customer satisfaction.

Connected To Brands

Wallacea Coffee

Wallacea coffee produces various coffee products that are only sourced from the regions of Indonesia, Wallacea roasted coffee is well-maintained, monitored, and made by our highly-trained experts.

Essence Food & Beverage

Essence Food priority is to produce nutritious and healthy food products. We are determined in making food and beverages that contribute to health and wellness by only fusing organic-sourced ingredients.

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