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For over 20 years of experience, we have helped countless business owners to successfully develop and sustain their businesses. Now, start partnering with us and allow us to help you compete with your competitors!

Simplified Supply Chain

Import with confidence today. We have shortened our supply chain by removing all middlemen in the supply chain. It is only between you and our domestic farmers.

Competitive Price

Do not let the hype cost you more. Enjoy the advantage to purchase our commodities at a lower cost through our shortened supply chain.

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We promise high-quality products. Get our product guarantee for every product you purchased from our store.

A Diverse Options of Agricultural Commodities

We provide a diverse range of agricultural products that exceptionally match your standards. We are your one-stop shop for gourmet spices, single-origin green coffee beans, and wild civet cat coffee.


The Best Solutions For Your Business

PT Jaffarindo Internasional Indonesia┬áis the second business entity in Jaffarindo Enterprise Group. Established in January 2018, the main objective of the company is to produce world class brands and commercial packaged products sourced only from the items sold by Jaffarindo Palm Mas. We believe that sourcing from the parent company has helped boost the company’s abilities to compete internationally overprice and quality.

Research and Development

It is the task of our research and development team to employ nutritional science and expertise while creating products that combine great taste with organic ingredients and nutritional benefits. We believe that our research team makes products better, leading and inspiring more people to live a healthier life. We continuously endeavor to innovate products and renovate the existing ones in order to exceed our customer satisfaction.

FDA-Registered Facilities

Our commodities are processed in facilities that have met FDA compliances. For this reason, we continuously distribute superior-quality products to our trading partners.

Nutrient-Rich Products

We strive to provide constant improvement in the quality of our products. In executing our goal, we build a synergic approach with our domestic farmers to grow our commodities without any harmful substances.

Persistent Pursuit of Product Quality

Our specialized team is capable of providing exceptional quality inspection. The core task is to maintain and directly inspect every batch of our commodities from quality deterioration.


Our Products

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