Long Pepper


Long peppers are harvested from Piper longum plant. This long pepper is used as spice and seasoning which has a hotter taste to black, green, and white pepper. It also has unique earthiness and numbing aftertaste. It can be a substitute in any recipe calling for black pepper, adding it to a spice blend, or for stew or slow-cooked dishes.

Product Specification

Did You Here to Import? You Are on the Right Page!

Start your partnership with us and get a continuous supply of Indonesian long pepper. We sourced long pepper directly from top-notch long pepper plantations in Indonesia. It is hand-picked at the peak of its freshness and sun-dried. To grow high-quality long pepper, we ensure that we grow our long pepper only in a natural way with no harmful substances. 

After undergoing a strict inspection process by our expert team, our long pepper passed the evaluation standards. It is characterized by a complex flavor profile; nuanced by a blend of cinnamon, black pepper, and nutmeg flavor notes. Our long pepper is also insect-free, mold-free, and free from other impurities. When you purchase long pepper from our store, this is what you get.