Coconut Husk Fiber – Turn Agricultural Waste into Sought-After Commodity in Countless Industries

Waste of coconut oil industries has become a global concern for years. Stelte et al. (2023) on NC State University’s website, claimed that the global coconut oil industry generates 62 M/T of oil product each year. About 20 M/T of coconut husks remain unutilized after industrial processing and its disposal creates another environmental issue. This … Read more

Soilless Agriculture – Coco Peat as a Soil Replacement in Industrial-Scale Farming

Soil’s reputation as the most typical growing medium for countless crops has gradually diminished with the introduction of other growing medium substitutes. Khan et al. (2019) claimed that organic substances are below the critical level. Due to the quality deterioration in soil from several regions, most farmers are pushed to find another alternative substitute.  In … Read more

Palm Oil Industry Waste Turns Into a Renewable Energy

In recent years, the palm kernel shell has gained a new reputation as a promising alternative to non-renewable energy. Handaya et al. (2022) found that palm oil manufacturing generates waste more than 4 times of the main product. Okoli, I. C. in Research Tropica, a tropical research reference platform, further explained the overview inside the … Read more

What Are the Risks When Importing Copra in Bulk?

Copra is a perishable commodity which causes most copra importers to be prone to failed import.  Typically, expensive mistakes in wholesale copra import occur in the copra production and the shipment process. The copra quality comes down to the handling capability of the copra supplier and the proper storage prior to distribution. Without those factors, … Read more

Indonesia is Expected to Kick Off Betel Nuts Export in Upcoming Years

Global betel nuts in bulk consumption is forecast to meet considerable growth after being a hot commodity in the global market.  In April 2023, Market Watch, a financial news provider, anticipated the areca nuts or betel nuts market to grow until 2030. In addition to the good news, Future Market Insight, a market research firm, … Read more

Biomass Wood Pellets Production Spills Environmental Threat – The Whole Truth Explained

Many of the world’s nations and environmental organizations have been actively involved in the search for renewable energy in recent years. The concerns about carbon emissions and its substitute have sparked debate among environmentalists and policymakers. Although sustainable energy support like biomass wood pellets has been implemented across the globe, environmentalists strictly deny this idea … Read more

6 Considerations Before Choosing the Best Briquette Suppliers in Importing Wholesale Briquettes for Beginner Importers

While importing seems so easy for long-term players, it can be a challenging task to accomplish for beginner importers in the industry. There is a situation where the quality of the briquettes is rapidly changing, and it is totally daunting for a beginner wholesale briquette importer. Let’s talk about the most common case first. Different … Read more